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ISTD Blackpool 2018 November 4th and 5th

RESULTS Sequence

Over 35 3 dance Sequence

Tonia Harding 3rd


Over 50 Gold Star NQ Foxtrot

Elaine Lewis 4th

Over 50 Silver Foxtrot + Waltz

Pam Harding 5th

Over 65 Silver Foxtrot + Waltz

Sue Baker 3rd

Over 35 Gold Waltz + Viennese

Tonia Harding 3rd

Over 50 upto Bronze Couples Quickstep

Garry Perkins and Ruth Mullan 1st!


Over 50 upto Bronze NQ Cha Cha

Lydia Le Bas 6th

Over 50 SDT Samba

Pam Harding 3rd

Over 50 Awards Jive/Cha Cha

Carole Packham 6th

Over 50 upto Bronze Couples Paso Doble

Garry Perkins and Ruth Mullan 2nd

From Caroline and myself, we are extremely proud of you all! We know you’ve all put in so much time and effort and you show off what Hove stands for right technique, great personality and character and most of all enjoyment of dancing!

Seeing everyone smiling and in support of each other is rare to find at many schools but HDC are the best and will continue to be the best for that reason alone! I’m proud to teach all of you, your all a pleasure to teach!

I’d like to say a personal thank you to the important lady who without this weekend would not happen for HDC! She is one of the best teachers and caring teachers around, that is of course is the wonderful Caroline!

There are many others to mention that help make this comp easier for us teachers and of course you lovely lot!

Kirsty is a big part in helping classes run and gives Caroline and myself feedback when needed about executing what’s been talked about in class, and helps out partnering on her birthday weekend which goes to show her care for the studio!

Natalie has done a wonderful job doing and guiding people on looking as glamorous for such a grand event as this! I must say my tan is still going strong after a very sweaty day dancing, so thank you Nat!

Aimee has also contributed in some absolutely gorgeous hair do’s that looked great in the floor. Also she is a big thank you for organising the meal sunday night as you saw from her very organised notebook “old school” it was a great end of the weekend!

And lastly thank you to you all who attended this marvelous weekend, Again a great Blackpool we will continue to make next year more successful and keep building as we always do!!

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