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Gillingham Competition 15th April - Very Important Notice!

Please be advised that there have been some changes to times and the format for the competition this Sunday.

Juveniles - Doors open 8:15am

First round 9:00am - Ballroom

Should be ready to go home approx. 2pm

Juniors - First round 12.30pm

Latin to Start, Followed by Ballroom

Should be ready to go home approx. 5pm

Adults - Please do not arrive before 2:30pm

Under 35 and Over 35 - First Round 4pm - Ballroom

Over 50 and Over 65 - First Round 5pm - Ballroom

Events will not start before these published times!

Adult Couples Events have been withdrawn!

All adults events should be finished Approx 10pm.

These changes will allow easier parking, will make he venue less crowded during the change over from kids to adults events and allows a reasonable finish time.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me,

Many Thanks


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