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Southend Comp Feb 25th 2018

What a lovely day in Southed competing at our most recent comp. A massive well done to everyone who went it was a tough competition but we managed to get a great total of 22 results and amazing amount of qualifiers for Blackpool 2018!


Over 50 SDT Tango

Ruth Mullan 4th

Over 50 Bronze Foxtrot/Quickstep

Garry Perkins 5th

Over 65 Silver Waltz/Tango

Sue Baker 4th

Under 35 Gold Foxtrot/Waltz

Aimee Humphrey 4th

Over 35 Gold Foxtrot/Waltz

Tonia Harding 2nd

Under 35 Gold Star Viennese/Foxtrot

Natalie Fowle 4th

Over 50 Awards Viennese/Foxtrot

Carole Packham 4th

Couples Over 40 up to Bronze


Garry & Ruth 1st


Over 50 Sequence

Carole Packham 4th


Over 35 SDT Rumba

Roberta Woodhouse 4th

Over 50 SDT Rumba

Ruth Mullan 2nd

Under 35 PBDT Samba

Zoe Beth Hobbs 7th

Over 35 PBDT Samba

Jane Amura 5th

Sarah Hilton 7th

Over 50 PBDT Samba

Cindy Knight 3rd

Over 65 PBDT Samba

Sue Baker 5th

Over 50 Bronze Cha Cha /Jive

Garry Perkins 5th

Under 35 Gold Jive/Rumba

Aimee Humphrey 5th

Under 35 Gold Star Jive/Samba

Ali Newman 4th

Over 35 Gold Star Jive/Samba

Tonia Harding 4th

Over 50 Awards Paso Doble/Cha Cha

Carole Packham 4th

Couples Over 40 up to Bronze Jive

Cindy & Sarah 7th

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