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Ballroom and Latin dancing
is a great way to learn lots of
dance style at once that all have a
unique feel. Learn elegant steps
like a Spin Turn in Ballroom.
to powerful ones like a New York
in Latin.

Contemporary covers 5 Themes,
Falls, Walks, Contractions,
Spirals and Energy.
Contemporary is a diverse
style of dance with a focus 
heavily on how the body moves
and feels.



Disco Freestyle includes content such as fast and powerful runs, leaps,
spins, high kicks, intricate foot and arm patterns, allied
with flexibility, speed, control, agility and projection, are all part of our Disco Freestyle Syllabus. 

Class Fees


Class fees are paid for monthly through a direct debit system via Go Team Up.



45 minute class - £23 per month

1 hour class - £25 per month 

1 hour 30 class - £27 per month


These can be purchased by selecting the class from our timetable.


We charge a one time £20 admin fee for all new enrolments.

This is added on to your second full month of fees 

Our Street Dance classes  include Breaking, Locking and Poppimg as we'll as elements of commercial, voguing, House and covers many different 

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